Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Kitchen is Revived. Finally.

Ok, so we've been a little busy. One might be inclined to believe, from my silence, that I've either fallen off the face of the earth or that I've been having an uncreative streak (gasp!)

Well I'd like to inform you that no, we've actually done some stuff. Take that.

And without further ado, I give you the kitchen!

Here it is, with all its horrifyingly 1980s colonial-esque glory.

Here, we can see the basicness of the kitchen.  Pine plank flooring (a horrible idea for such a heavily used pathway), maple cabinetry that is admittedly pretty nice and still in really good shape considering its age and how much I know I used to hang on the doors and shelves, shotgun or galley style layout with a pantry offshoot, and OMGTILEEVERYTHINGELSE.

And such lovely tile it is(n't).  Hey, it was cool in the 1980s.  I think.  Maybe.


Actually, there's no telling, considering my mother's taste (of which there seems to be very little!)

The old oven has been removed to make way for countertops and the new oven, which was the excuse to do all this in the first place.  The thing was original to the house (think 1987) and well past retiring age.  It had gotten very ...quirky in its twilight years.

Yes, sadly, all that mess is a usual sight.  Maybe someday I'll bully somebody into hiring a maid again, since nobody else wants to clean.

But wait!  We have a change!

What's that?  Granite?!  For realz?!!!?1

Ok, I think I just sighed in happiness a little, as I'm sure you did as well.  I think I may be exactly where you are right now too, because this is just a teaser image that my mother emailed me.  She's thinking that tile behind the new faucet there for the backsplash, which I would have long since picked out, but she's finicky (for someone with very little taste).  I'm thinking it's dark, but acceptable.  One must always keep in mind that the room is dark and dreary already, we need light and airy!  But whatever the case is...


Until the weekend, when I actually get to see this in person and I should acquire more pictures, adieu!

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