Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas Present Dresser Pt 1!

The dresser is coming along! I finally had a free day to work on it between exam days. I think this is still gonna spill over a bit with time (Mass Birthday, the Christmas and birthday party tradition that my friends and I have, is Sunday, whereas my family's Christmas party is Saturday... all this after exam week... ugh.) but I am rather confident that upon seeing this, the recipient is going to be absurdly happy (at least I know I would!) and be entirely willing to grace me with a few more days.

I was really pleased that this is turning out so nicely! I was super excited that the top turned out to have a sandable veneer, so I'll be able to stain it after all. I was really concerned about finding a paint that would stand up to having a heavy, older TV set on top of it and not getting ugly in a hurry. This way, I can just stain it - cherry, I'm thinking - and put down a coat of poly and voila! Pretty durable surface!

A comparison of the finishes:

And on top we have the single broken (?!) handle that prevents me from going the cheap route and just using the old hardware. (How do you even break a bronze drawer pull?!)

I'm thinking an aged bronze finished cup pull for the drawers, and I just want to leave the middle drawers out entirely to leave a space for DVD players and consoles and the like. It'll be interesting trying to figure out how to convert the space nicely though...

But I'm excited, and I'll be honestly sad to let this go :P

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