Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas Present Dresser Pt 2 and Starting to Sew!

Hola! So I finally finished that dratted dresser. After many, many, many, many, many coats of crappy black paint, which I finally finished up with a coat of spray-on poly, which left white marks on the black, and so which finally got sprayed over with All-Purpose Rustoleum (at $9/can, it had better finally protect those drawers!), as well as getting those shelves finished out (thanks, Dad!), and the top stained (and resanded and restained again after a surprise rain spotted the finish)....

The dresser is finished and out of my hair!

And no, it's not crooked, I've got one side propped up on a skateboard so I can maneuver this monster around without having to ask for help.

Thank goodness! I was actually rather sick of dealing with that thing. There's only so many repaintings and touchups that I have patience for (and I'm really not a very patient person).

So let's compare this to the before:

So now, after I got my awesome Bernina Activa 210 sewing machine for Christmas (really my only Christmas present, except for a crazy whisk that my brother got me - I have a thing for whisks), I have begun the easiest project under the sun - slipcovering wingchairs!

Using the handy-dandy tutorial from Much To Do With Nothing's blog, I have made a cushion cover, which I messed up somewhat, and I'm working on the rest of the chair today. LOTS AND LOTS of pinning, marking, and cutting. I feel like I'll spend all of today just making pieces to stick together tomorrow.At least I can use these pieces to trace out pieces for the other chair... lol! But compare that green and white fabric peeking out to the white all over. SO much brighter in that dark room!

But that's it for now!


  1. Love the dresser, I think it looks fantastic!

  2. Hi,
    I think your cushion cover looks wonderful! And
    I love what you did to that cabinet. What a transformation. I'm glad my tutorial helped you. I don't always make patterns, but for wing chairs I've found it makes them easier. I don't know why. I plan on doing an updated cushion tutorial one day. Just another version I've been using.

  3. Well the dresser looks fantastic! I know how frustrating it can be when something just wont turn out! Glad to preserved though, congrats!

  4. Thanks, all of you! And Kelly, I had some issues with unequal stretching of top and bottom fabrics, and so my corners don't match up, plus I finished off at the wrong place, so the rather bulky last corner and its cording cover looks rather unattractive on the front. But at least for the next one (my folks have 2 matching wingchairs in this room) I'll have a better idea of what I'm doing. This was literally my first sewing project, EVER! And I couldn't have done it without your tutorials :)

  5. Thanks for sharing at Perfectly Imperfect. This dresser is awesome! I see this type of dresser alot at thrift stores. You really transformed that little beast..Very inspirational!