Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Still Alive and Kicking!

And I promise I've actually been busy.  I just keep forgetting to take pictures.  I have things lining up to be presented, actually.

And now, for a bulleted list of THINGS!
  • My brother's older bedroom in general, that's been an attic for a while. When I have to stay at that house, I will now be sleeping in this room, so as to not have to argue with entitled cats.
  • My brother's old armoire, which is betwixt a nasty brickish red with a bad finish to a pale blue gray with a lightly stained tone.  And surprises inside!
  • Bedding for this room too, replacing horribly juvenile, boyish white/green stripes.  IF we can find a suitable set of twin sheets with a fitted sheet that is NOT queen size.  Because that would be awesome.  Hey, sixth try's a charm, right?
  • Grandaddy's trophy-thingy-turned-ugly-spraypainted-gold-lamp-turned-spraypainted-white-lamp.  Grandaddy had an odd notion of what was "classy".  White looks better.
  • Antique metal chest from a 1950s doctor's office. It has about 14 tiny drawers and a center cabinet with tempered, beveled glass in the doors. of which I broke with a clonker of a shoe when I was 12.  Oops...  Anyway, it's blue now, instead of the sick and sad "white".
  • Curtains are being searched for.  It's really hard to find non-sheer linen with COLOR OPTIONS.
  • A little gamer's rocker chair - you know the ones I'm talking about, they're just a little C that sits on  the floor, that you sit on yourself.  Found one on dorm moveout day (I love that day!) and I've been repo-ing it a bit.  A... weight-challenged... individual evidently sat on it and busted the webbing, so I've had to tear it up to fix it, but eventually I'll finish sewing the canvas recover.
  • I also recovered TWO MORE of those little cube storage ottomans, this time in black, but I'm still wondering what I needed with two more little ottomans.  Oh well!
But something that really took no effort at all were these:

 I think I'm correct in thinking that those little particle board shoe racks are about $25 for one piece with two shelves.  They're something that us less-financially-well-off-but-still-snobby look at, sneer over the construction and price tag, but secretly pine over, because what girl doesn't want a well organized closet that looks like it's had some effort put into it? 

Well, there were TWO of them by the dumpsters on moveout day.  Yoink!  I now have pristinely organized heels (not pumps though, they're too tall) and tennis shoes.  And the top shelves, out of sight up there, have nicely folded sweaters and old jeans (because someday I'm going to make a denim shag rug!!!  WHEN I find the instructions for it!).  To the right is the skinny little shelf ($15 at Wallyworld, and not worth that, if you have to pay for it!) that's serving as a boot cubby, and to the left, there's still room for my western hats!  Which someday I'll get to use again, when my horse stops being silly and learns to lope...

Anyway, I was able to break half of the hanging shoe rack down, which is AWESOME because that really limited door space and never quite fit the door to begin with.  I told you before, these are skinny doors on wide closets.  But I'm happy that everything is properly organized now! 

Because, you see, I rather like shoes.

At some point I'll paint that wall properly.  Maybe.  Or maybe I'll just graduate in the spring and move away!  Anyways, tata for now!

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