Saturday, April 9, 2011

Record Cabinet Installed!

I'm so happy with this.  You can't really see how lovely this is from the camera, but it's lovely, such an improvement from just that hutch sitting on the floor.  I weeded out some of the books and put the cookbooks in the pantry, so all my lovely novels fit here quite nicely.  It could only be better if I could open the cabinet from the front rather than the top.  But maybe that'll be a project for another day!

The entirety of the living area (I'm standing at the kitchen counter), complete with TV box at left, which is also a severe source of limitation.

I'm trying to drop a lot of hints about how much I'd love to just have ONLY the sofa.  It's a rare occasion when two people sit down to watch tv, let alone three.  And god knows nobody ever uses that recliner.  Just imagine the wall where the loveseat is:  bare of furniture except a mobile, brightly colored armchair.  Ahhhh...

I'm thinking, though, that grandaddy's pharmacist's mortar-and-pestal lamp needs some spraypaint with a bright lovely color...

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