Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Little Artwork Torture

This stupid snow won't go away. There's no fabric to play with, no garage to drag my plywood into so I can cut it... Though I must say, a certain crafting station I saw on Design*Sponge really made me start thinking that a proper dresser (much like, ohhh, say, the one I just gave away as a Christmas present...) could be turned into a rather happy storage situation for crafts and such...

I'm not crazy about the gray, or the very exposed trays - since my space is limited to my bedroom due to a roommate situation rather than a private situation, all that exposure would just make my bedroom look like it's messier than it already actually is - but the gears are still turning. If I could find one wide enough to accommodate my two Walmart bookshelves... but I dunno, and I already have plywood cutting, so really, I'm just torturing myself doing this.

So, otherwise, I've been occupied with my Illustration class, which has finally resumed after the Great Southern Blizzard of '11. We're finally working on actual drawing type stuff (last week I was very unhappy to spend a lot of time on collaging, which I hate), and this last project is an abecetary (eventually I'll figure out how to spell this), which is an illustrated alphabet. I'm sure you've all seen some sort of what I'm talking about at some point in your life... I know there was one when I was a kid that was illustrated so beautifully that we'd all actually fight to look at it. Can't for the life of me remember what it was called though.

But here's mine. They're still in the sketching/rough stage, and hopefully will be transferred into Illustrator tomorrow. The little Appaloosa horse is an established character based on a pony I used to have, who is still very much missed and loved despite his being gone for seven years. His name is Coco, and the little girl is named Allison, with her little Fievel (sp?) hat, jumper, tights, and crazy hair - not to mention attitude - I've really come to enjoy drawing her. , Think Calvin and Hobbs, with an alphabet thrown in. And a horse instead of a tiger.

Upon thinking of it, I never have had a character that actually described me very consistantly, who would always be recognizable. I really think Allison is kind of me, with my silliness, mischief, stubbornness, and love. Sorry, corny moment there. Carry on.

E is for escapades that we shouldn't have gone on.

F is for friends, because we love them. (the sign on Allison says "kick me")

G is for grownups, because we surely aren't them.

And that's soda, not alcohol in the last image. They're having a burping contest. Just in case anyone was worrying.

L is for llamas, but Allison prefers lugubriousness.

M is for markers, because we're all about spontaneous art.

O is for oscillating ... (aaaaaaand I haven't finished the wording or the illustration yet.)

And this next one is just a chalk pastel piece that I'm rather happy with. Yes, it's been more finished than this, but no, I don't have either more updated pictures or the piece itself... my Drawing instructor is holding it hostage over the holidays. This is a commissioned piece, the horse is AQHA Flits Mad Dash, barrel horse, breeding stud.

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