Saturday, January 29, 2011

Circle Skirt!

I made my first article of clothing! I think it's still quite evident that I need loads more practice, but at least I did it! Gotta start somewhere, eh?

The hemline doesn't exactly want to lay flat... really wants to roll out in some places, but I guess that's just going to require going back and fixing it. And there's got to be some way to do this waistband better so that it will lay more smoothly. But that's what learning is for!

Used the tutorial from Dana Made It (I'm sure she won't want to take credit for this though lol). I saw a lot of different tutorials but hers was by far the easiest for me to follow.

In other news, I dropped by the happy place that is the flea market where I've been finding all my furniture, and they didn't have the right thing in my budget. If I could just sell one more $40 textbook... There were two dressers there that had drawers with DIVIDERS in them! How exciting is that?! I didn't even come away from my shopping excursion with a hardback book. Depressing.

Speaking of my book addiction, I saw the most amazing thing yesterday: a cheap bookshelf hack that could be done with Walmart bookshelves! I've searched all over because there had to be SOME sort of creative solution done with SOMETHING that wasn't from Ikea (which evidently has a deadly allergy to MS) and this is the first I've found, and it's LOVELY!

Just look at that! Just two cheap bookcases bolted together and a bit of trim thrown on. I can do that! I imagine PeskyKitty will have a blast climbing on it and knocking everything off, but this looks so worth it.


I love organizing. My art supplies sorely need it. I want my dresser. Somebody buy a textbook! You know you want the only-good-for-one-semester-Psychology book... or something like that...

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  1. I think you're being a little hard on yourself. From the photos, it looks good! What kind of material did you use? (I bought some material for my own skirt, but it's been sitting next to the machine for ~2 months while I work up the nerve to cut into it!)