Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Testing, testing, 1 2 3...

Do we see potential? These are just some dropcloth scraps that are nowhere near big enough to cover the couch (the plan is to slipcover my ridiculously orange dumpster-save ottoman sometime soon with this) but at some point I'll be draping the couch with this same material...

And the question is: the pillow fabric - does it work? I just found it at Goodwill today, and took a risk and snagged it.

See, I have been obsessing over this picture that somebody posted on their blog a little while back (no idea who, I tend to just mindlessly save pictures for inspiration), and THAT PILLOW! I went right out and grabbed a body pillow, which was a very unfortunately cute blue graphic print, that didn't work at all. But that's ok, because I'll cover it (as) soon (as I find the right fabric).

I'm personally wondering if it doesn't have enough contrast to it, but I dunno. I really haven't been seeing many other great stripes at stores (they're SO underappreciated, apparently). But I don't know!

Also, it's really wierd that the wall looks green. It's definately more of a suedey brown color. Just sayin'.

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