Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I Sew an Ottoman Slipcover!

I decided I'd had enough of my horrible orange Walmart ottoman - not only was it not a pretty color or design to begin with (I hate ORANGE and YELLOW), but it was actually saved from a dumpster behind one of the dorms on move-out day.

Read: dirty.

Hello, box.

So I sewed!

And then staged a picture! (I can hear the few of you that have seen my previous posts sighing in relief. Honestly, I don't know why you come back, my pictures are that bad.)

It's all really wrinkley, and the couch behind it is just draped with the rest of the canvas, but I'm happy! And I love my new book set :3 And my new Minnie Mouse sketch mug (for the illustrator in me). I think that all in all, including the props, which I may have spent $13 on... I spent $13 on this. LOL I already had all the material left over from the wingchairs!

I couldn't find any tutorials for it, just wrapped the top like half a Christmas present, tacked on some trim, and then did this trial and error bit for the skirt. Seriously, I couldn't find a single tutorial that would admit that anybody could be stupid enough to need a supersimple box pleat skirt explained (like me?). So if anybody wants a tutorial... while I will admit that I'm noobish and really just winged it, I did document the process.

(Post-Note: I just noticed that Much to Do With Nothing had done an eerily similar project on her blog. As I am a follower, I may have seen this and had the image burnt into my brain, but forgotten the source.  I thought I was doing pretty awesome though!)

Also, remember when I stuck it to the man last month? I bought ALL THOSE ART BOOKS and this little happymaker?

I loved Marguerite Henry growing up - I read every one of her books that was in print, and adored the Wesley Dennis illustrations. He is a huge influence on my more realistic drawings even now.

But you see this? That little "A" below "Edition of 1950"?

That means first edition.

Oh yes. I paid 50 cents for a $95 book (according to eBay). SCORE!

So yeah, just wanted to share that little win with you. Along with my awesome slipcover (if I do say so myself).

Some Wesley Dennis love!

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  1. GREAT job! It turned out so well...I am actually staring down my little ottoman trying to figure out if I could do the same thing...thanks for the inspiration!

    Thank you so much for linking to "20 Below Thursday"!! :)

  2. Great makeover! I need to recover an ottoman, for the 2nd time. I won't be doing the fun skirt. Thanks for linking up! Always nice to see a new face.

  3. Great job on the slipcover. I am a slipcover fanatic!

    I REALLLLY love what you have done here. Great finish. But the modging you did, it looks spectacular. Like it is straight from the pages of a magazine!
    FABULOUS job.

    Extreme Personal Measures