Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Storage Situation: Solved.

This is where ALL my arts and crafting things go. Well, they did, back when they fit... since then, they have rolled over into ottoman storage and china cabinet drawers, with some of the bigger things just sitting out on desks. I've been trying to convince myself that since my sewing machine has a cover, it's perfectly acceptable to look at.

And those books I keep mentioning? Here's less than half of them. Another quarter of them are BEHIND these.

And here are most of the rest. I used to actually be able to use this for stuff other than books - it actually used to function as my entryway table. See my little purse just barely hanging on up there? And don't judge the terrible pictures, I'm really not a photographer.

Enter my lack of satisfaction with my space. I can't put things away because they simply don't have a home, and everytime I bring home a new book, I have to break my heart trying to figure out what to do with the other ones. I've got all my Marguerite Henrys piled in the back of those shelves, and that hurts my feelings. And those ART SUPPLIES! There's nowhere to put them all! Just plain nowhere!

So I went shopping, despite how much I loathe shopping (wait, did I say loathe? I might have meant adore.)

And found this gem!

It's not entirely what I was looking for, style-wise, but those drawers are perfect. FOUR ROWS of shallow drawers, deep enough to hold artwork!

Of course, now only a quarter of the woodtones in here are the mahogany that I want them to be, but after settling this in my man's apartment over the weekend due to weather, and seeing it against that white paint on his walls, I think that at some point I'm going to definately want it just the way it is.

Until then, it's not hurting my feelings.

No, it didn't actually do anything to alleviate the book situation, but man, I can organize my room now. O Happy Day!


  1. Where did you get it and how much? I love it.

  2. I really wish you could teleport those end tables to Texas. I noticed in your profile that we have a lot in common. I am having company this weekend and I am having a hard time hiding everything. There is just a small path through the garage, every closet is stuffed, my rented storage is full, and I still see stuff at the curb on trash day. I have resorted to putting plastic tubs in the dog house (we no longer have the dog). Please don't call "Hoarders".