Thursday, February 3, 2011

I Visciously Attack My Closet.

I'm on a roll! With the home stuff, anyway... I should probably be studying Chemistry or something... but ANYWHO...! (who really wants to study Chemistry anyhow?)

The before. Well, this isn't actually MY closet... I kinda got REALLY overexcited and this just kind of happened really quickly, so I was way over and done before I realized I'd forgotten the before pic.

But anyways, here's the matching, nice little closet from my brother's room... with tiny skinny doors... wait a second, that looks like my clothes in here too! (teehee...)

Except... WOW, that closet seems to go on for ages in either direction! How do you even GET back there?! (Yeah, a man designed this whole apartment. But you could already tell that, couldn't you?)

Basically, the closet is about 7 feet wide, and as deep as a clothes hanger, with one tiny little 2 foot wide door. Trying to get to that sweater that's hanging by the wall is an actual physical exertion, because you actually have to DIG and WADE through your other clothes. I ended up savagely pruning my clothes collection because I simply couldn't get to half of it with all of that in there.

But I was sitting there last night, angry at my closet for sucking so badly, glaring daggers at it, when a lightbulb came on. I knew how to fix this ridiculous situation.

And After! (No judging the bad painting job or the wierd stripe... that's there because we removed a shelf support that really wasn't doing its job so that we could put some brackets up.)
Yep. I put rods in the sides. You could almost call this a walk-in closet now. I can now easily access the entire length of the shelf, so I can keep my boots and purse basket neat.

And just to show how much space there was in here, I stood with my back against one wall of hanging clothes and took a picture of the other wall. And there was all this space!

So that's it! I don't know about you, but I'm totally excited. I also got some possibly-totally-redneck plastic shrink-wrappy stuff to put over my horribly drafty windows (have I mentioned that there are only 2 windows in this 3 room apartment? And they're both in the living room. Yeah, no blackout curtains for me!), but I'm CERTAIN you don't want to see that. So toodles!

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